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To the trained observer, signs of the recession are everywhere to be seen. Today for example I received this flyer, which suggests that estate agents are being forced to diversify into private medicine to drum up new custom.:

New hips for old!

Seriously, I wonder how many people who actually do need a new hip will have been unaware of the relatively-new requirement for Home Information Packs, and phoned them up on the off-chance? I bet I'm not the only one to do a double take - and nowhere on the leaflet has the writer thought to explain what HIP stands for, so subdued to what they work in are the hands of estate agents.

Meanwhile, in Stokes Croft even the shop selling "To Let" signs has closed down:


Stokes Croft - scene of the Battle of Stokes Croft a couple of weeks ago - is always in slow ferment, as I may have mentioned before. At Crofters the party's clearly over. Even in recession, though, some businesses always seem to be hiring...

Stokes Croft Sauna
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