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Twentieth-Century Schoolgirls and their Books - signal boost

I know that some of my flist will be interested to hear (if they haven't already) of a conference being organized by the people behind the Topsy-Turvy catalogue:

***Topsy-Turvy Conference in Bristol, 14th-15th August 2010: Twentieth Century Schoolgirls and Their Books***

The talks/demonstrations/discussions are expected to include;

A celebration of 100 Years of the Girl Guide Movement

Ruth Allen on Children's Book Prizes

Sally Dore on researching her book on the social history background of school stories

Lucy Mangan on essential reading for children

Betula O'Neill with a practical demonstration on rescuing disintegrating paperbacks.

A discussion on 'The role of libraries and librarians in shaping children's reading', based on a short paper by Sheila Ray.

We will also be having a book sale with invited specialist dealers, and a chance for delegates to sell their own books, as well as a separate craft sale.

On Saturday evening we will be holding a drinks reception and formal dinner at Clifton College, which will be followed by readings and entertainment. A pay bar will be available for you to buy drinks of your choice during and after the meal.

We are delighted that, in addition to the speakers mentioned in the booking form, we will also be joined by Hilary Clare leading a discussion on Kitty Barne, Barbara Penrose on her Sea Ranger experiences, Ruth Jolly on Chalet School Guides, Sheena Wilkinson, author of Friends in the Fourth, Rosemary Waugh on school stories, and Eva Lofgren and Kate Lambert on English and American children's books translated into and out of Swedish.

Visit the Topsy-Turvy web site to find out how to find out more.
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