steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Putting the 'Ugh' into Uganda...

I've heard surprisingly little in the mainstream media about the proposed law to make "aggravated homosexuality" a capital offence in Uganda. Ordinary gay sex will be let off much more lightly, with mere life imprisonment - while those who are aware that their friend, daughter, parent or colleague is gay but who do not tell the authorities within 24 hours will be liable to three years in chokey.

All sounds pretty appalling, no? So where has the BBC been on this one? I can find one reference hidden away in their World Service section, but nothing elsewhere (though admittedly my search has not been exhaustive). And what about the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has found time in his schedule to condemn the American Episcopalians for appointing a lesbian bishop (not least to appease the anti-gay lobby in Uganda), but has made no public statement about this proposed act of genocide in a country whose large Anglican population includes the minister responsible for pushing through the law in question? In fairness, at least one churchman has condemned it. A pity it wasn't Rowan Williams.
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