steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Lawnmower karma

A couple of days ago I went into my little patch of back garden to give the lawn its final trim before the winter. I'd not been out there for a couple of days, and there were many large spiders' webs to negotiate, stretching from apple tree to fence, from rotary drier to garden chair, from mock orange to hamster cemetery - each with a plump spider sitting in the middle. I'm afraid I showed them no mercy (the webs, I mean - the spiders spin on still) - but now, how thoroughly am I paid for my destruction? My own web site seems to have disappeared! Not only that, but the whole hosting company ( returns nothing but a broken link, silvered with cold dew. I trust it's only temporary, but don't ask me to believe it's just a coincidence...
Tags: real life
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