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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Play me, I'm yours
Walking to the shops through the local park this afternoon, I was drawn by the plonky-tonk sound of a piano being played by toddlers. I moved in to investigate, and what did I see?

Musical Bristol

As you will discover if you type in the url on the lid, the piano is one of 15 spread across the Bristol, as part of a city-wide installation by local artist Luke Jerram. (Click on the links at the site to view the others.) What better post-Banksy pick-me-up could there be? Graffitti is, of course, encouraged.

Before coming here, the installation had been to Sao Paulo, Sydney, London, Birmingham and, er, Bury St Edmunds. It seems like a lot of fun, but predictably has faced some difficulties on the way:

When the project was installed in Birmingham 2008, the city council financially supported the project, yet we were banned (for the usual health and safety reasons) from placing any piano on council owned ’public’ land. To enable the artwork to happen in London 2009, organisers have had to apply for individual music licences, for each piano location.

Worth the hassle? Sure. Why not contact Luke, if you want the musical fun to come your town?

ETA: And wow, turns out there's another one right in front of my favourite electricity substation!

Bristol Piano Project

Many eons ago I directed "Salad Days". This is clearly The Piano In Question.

I saw/heard one in Soho Square in June. Don't remember any flowers on it.

I think people are invited to add their own decorations.

(Deleted comment)
Of course - be my guest!