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Still Harping on Daughters

Well, I moved house almost two week ago. I'm still living in a world of boxes, of course, partly because unpacking them is a lot of work, partly because I'm still in two minds about where to put their contents (mostly books). The day of the move coincided with the beginning of the semester, always a busy time, but especially in a year when I'm in charge of the largest first-year module and many students are going in and out of self-isolation because of you-know-what, necessitating moves from classroom to online teaching and back.

The good news is that I'm doing all this from home, being one of those spared classroom duties, in part on account of my advanced age. Not that I think of myself that way, but I suppose I may as well take the pros with the cons of the world slowly coming to such a view about me. The other day I was on the phone to "3" about getting 4G broadband, and mentioned that this had been my daughter's idea, the cable broadband at this address being poor. The person at the other end responded: "Perhaps I could speak to your daughter?"

My daughter thought this hilarious, of course, as indeed it was; but still, a foretaste of things to come...

I really like the new house, by the way! Photos will follow in due course, when it's a bit less all over the place.

Meanwhile, as a sorry-present to make up for a fortnight's absence, here's a very short article on that villain Hamlet, which I recently wrote for The Conversation.
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