steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Distracted by Pretty Things

I've exchanged contracts on a new house, and will (COVID-19 willing) be moving in on Monday! This is very pleasing after such a long delay - my offer was first accepted all the way back in January - but naturally it happens to fall on the first day of the new semester, so these are proving to be rather busy days...

All the same, it's hard not to get a little distracted by some of the things I keep discovering as I pack. Like this, for example - perhaps my grandfather's first ever publication. Aged 16, in 1901, he took to the letters pages of The Vegetarian to engage in a protracted correspondence about the relationship of vegetarianism and Christianity, of which this is the opening salvo:

MCB letter to The Vegetarian

But I must get back to my packing!

(If you would like my new address, by the way, feel free to message me.)
Tags: family history, real life, work

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