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More Shameless Self-Promotion

The start of June sees the publication of many an academic journal, and I have a finger in three different pies this time around. First, as the editor of the quarterly, Children's Literature in Education (but that's a back-room job). Then, the latest issue of International Research in Children's Literature has a nice review of Literary Studies Deconstructed: A Polemic, which I'm very thankful for since it's been largely ignored otherwise.

And finally, my long-awaited and eagerly anticipated (if only by me) article, "Japan Reads the Cotswolds: Children's Literature, Tourism, and the Japanese Imagination," has appeared in Children's Literature, the annual of the ChLA.

Unfortunately, only the second of these is visible without a subscription to the relevant journal - but once a decorous interval has passed I will post a pre-publication version of the Cotswolds article on Academia (and also in the Cardiff Uni repository). In fact, I've ordered more offprints than I know what to do with (the minimum number was ridiculously high), so feel free to let me know if you'd like a paper copy.

Now, to my bed of laurels...
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