steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Containment, and Other Stories

Here's a game, if you'd like to play.

A week or two back on Facebook, someone speculated that Ian McEwan was probably even now writing a novel based on the Covid-19 lockdown, and asked for suggestions as to what it would be called. There were some good replies, but the best in my opinion was Containment. In fact, if McEwan doesn't write a book called that now, I'll be disappointed.

So, here's the game: what are other writers going to call their putative Covid-19 books? The writers don't have be alive, but they should have the current events in mind, just as if they were (i.e. you can't put King Lear down for Shakespeare). The titles can be entirely made up, or they can play on ones that actually exist: for example, Virginia Woolf's A Room on One's Own.

Have at it - feel free to coruscate!
Tags: books, current affairs
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