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So, in case you were wondering why it was necessary to have the Women's Movement

It's like shooting fish in a barrel to criticize this book from 1970 for its, shall we say "traditional", take on gender roles. But it's still rather frightening to think that I was not only alive when it came out, but rather too old for it.

I'm Glad 11

Of course, some parts still hold true, on the whole - no woman president yet, for example - but talk about self-fulfilling prophecies!

I'm Glad 8
I'm Glad 10

The only place where tradition already seems to be under attack is in the feisty reading of what is proper to a heroine. No swooning here! The frontier spirit has trumped the wimple (though only at the cost of casting Native Americans as the bad guys - sigh):

I'm Glad 9

Anyway, the whole book is up at my Flickr site, for anyone who yearns for the easy certainties of a bygone age.
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