steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

In W. H. Smith's today...

... the man at the checkout was cheerfully asking everyone - young or old, whether they were buying books or CDs or paper clips - if they would like to pre-order Harry Potter. There's only 163 days left, apparently!

I usually think of myself as relatively restrained when encountering the Infant Phenomenon. Not enthusiastic, to be sure, but unenthusiastic in an unruffled sort of way - aiming at a kind of sang-froideur. Today, however, I was possessed by an uncharacteristic impulse to take the unfortunate assistant by the scruff of the neck and slam his face repeatedly into the counter until it was a bloody pulp. Luckily, the person in front of me (having declined to pre-order HP7) was having difficulty choosing a book token. I had time to remember that it wasn't the assistant's fault after all, and opted instead to express my distaste by leaving behind a small but dignified pool of vomit. In the event, of course, I didn't even do that, but put just a little more vehemence than necessary into my 'No' (even omitting the thank you! But I did feel rather rude, afterwards).

Guess I won't be going back to Smith's until it's all over...

Tags: books, real life
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