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Further up and Further In!

Ancestry has updated its DNA estimate for me twice since my first results, and I'm getting less and less cosmopolitan as a result. At first, my genetic tentacles stretched more or less through the continent.

DNA map

A later revision saw a considerable retrenchment, though I was still to be found in France, Germany and the Low Countries, and had a charming pied a terre in sunny Sardinia.

DNA map updated sept 2018

The latest iteration, however, has me confined with almost offensive exclusivity to the British Isles.

DNA 23-10-19

It's true that I'm not aware of any continental forebears since Jean Renatus Giberne and Marie Le Menuet escaped here from France in the 1690s, and together they make up less than 1% of my genetic inheritance - but is it likely that my family would be quite so insular? Perhaps it is.

The graphic sequence irresistibly reminds of the opening credits to Dad's Army; but that's probably just a sign of the times we're living in.
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