steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

"I Would Eat his Heart in the Market-place"

My home town of Romsey isn't often in the news, but today it caught the attention of the Telegraph diarist Michael Deacon because the local MP, Caroline Nokes, one of the Tories who had the whip removed recently for voting to block a No Deal Brexit, reported that she had been told in Romsey marketplace that she was "a traitor who deserved to be shot."

I haven't read the Telegraph piece, because paywall, but the comments are free to view, and give a pretty good idea of the level of the debate in Torygraph land. Many agree with the person who threatened Nokes; some suggest lynching as an alternative; the less extreme say she brought it on herself. A paltry few demur.

A couple of things to note, by way of necessary context.

a) Nokes is not a Remainer, as most in the comments assume. Unlike the current Prime Minister, she voted three times for Theresa May's deal. What she objects to is a No Deal Brexit.

b) Romsey did not vote Leave, as most in the comments also assume. The constituency was 53% Remain.

A complicating factor for me personally is that my mother, who taught Nokes when she was at secondary school, never much liked her. But, though an ardent Remainer herself, she somehow never called for her to be shot, or even put in the stocks.
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