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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Blog Amnesty
You know how you keep putting something off because you're too busy to do it justice right now, but putting it off makes it even more daunting, because the amount that needs to be done just keeps getting bigger, etc?

I've been a bit that way for the last couple of weeks re. blogging. I've had a lot on, in fact, and done quite a few things I would like to have blogged about, but I was too busy doing them, and so the recordkeeping rather went by the wayside.

However, I'm declaring an amnesty. Rather than try to describe the last few weeks in one go I'll just jot down the headlines here, and hope to fill in some of the blanks over future entries, which will I trust from today be back to their former desultory frequency.

First, there was the Diana Wynne Jones conference in Bristol, which I organised with my friend Farah M, which involved just shy of 100 people coming to the Watershed to talk about DWJ. It was a great success, I think it's fair to say, though the weather was shit - but that was worse news for the balloon fiesta than for us...

The next day it was a night at my brother's in Brighton, then off via Gatwick to Stockholm for IRSCL - my first visit to the city. (I liked it a lot, though it was a tad too hipster for me.) The ABBA museum with Clémentine was a special highlight, along with the visit to the Golden Hall in the City Hall, which is apparently where they all dish out those glittering prizes we've heard so much about.

I was back in my bed by 4am on Monday morning, then off to work by 10 - where I did some needful work-y things, and since then I've been trying to catch up on all the other work stuff: articles and grant applications and the like. Oh, and Eriko came over for the night on Thursday, which was fun.

There you have a very bare-bones account! I'll try to fill in some of the detail later, but meanwhile, have some pictures of Stockholm...


I would have loved to have gone to the Diana Wynne Jones conference, but I had opted for Worldcon in Dublin instead.

I sympathise re the blog amnesty, by the way. I have no excuse regarding time pressure because I'm retired, but I often fail to blog things I've done and then don't know how to catch up. :(

I'm glad I pardoned myself too, for now I feel I can go on in an unpressured way, which may well include occasional random "Hey, this happened to me in Bristol/Brighton/Stockholm" stuff, as an when they seem apropos.

I hope you had a good time at Worldcon! Apologies if you've already blogged about it, but I'll be catching up on my reading over the next day or so.

I haven't blogged about Worldcon yet, but I had a lovely time and met and talked to many old friends.

These days I take it very easy at conventions and was back in my hotel room every night by 6 p.m. just relaxing and watching TV. Even so I skipped the last day (which would have been the 5th day of conventioning) and went sightseeing instead.

This is why I'll never be a real blogger. I want to tell people all about the things, but then I'm busy doing the things and never get around to it.

It sounds like an exciting time anyway - I would have loved to go to the DWJ thing!

It's a difficult balance!