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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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“The Gashleycrumb Resignies”
I put a version of this little poem on Facebook a month or so ago, and for some reason didn't share it here at the time. Since it's about to become definitively outdated, I'm making that good now.

“The Gashleycrumb Resignies”
(with apologies to Edward Gorey, and to the alphabet)

A is for Amber, who misled the House,
B is for Boris, a self-serving louse,
J is for Justine, who flounced out in scorn,
D is for Damian, too fond of porn.
M is for Michael, whose conduct “fell short,”
G is for Gavin, who leaked a report.
P is for Priti - held talks on the sly:
Just one more Tory caught out in a lie.
Etc.'s all those who quit over Brexit,
And T’s for Theresa - let’s show her the exit!

It occurs to me that it would be possible to write something similar for the current administration in the land of Gorey's birth, but of course it's not my place to do it...

Heh! Quite timely!

Boris still is and always will be a self-serving louse at best.

Even here in the US of A we know that.

Still timely. Mrs May hasn't quite gone yet.