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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Dipping my Toes into a Cold Bathampton
In the middle of Bristol there was not much snow left this morning, but it was a different story down in Bathampton, where I went to visit my friend Dru in her narrowboat, currently moored in a frozen canal. She made me some very good ham and pea soup in her galley, though, which defrosted fingers and toes alike. You may remember the bridge over the canal in Bathampton as the place in Kin-iro Mosaic where Karen fell and got a nasty bump:

karens bridge
karens bridge2

Now, it's all wintry...


Bathampton has a canal, a railway, a main road and the River Avon, all going through it in parallel and in close proximity, but still maintains a rather charming air, not least because the lane that traverses all these is so pretty. Not only is there Karen's bridge, but there's also the one-lane toll bridge that crosses the Avon, next to a weir:


Not to mention these sheep - wearing their winter camouflage so as to creep up on the grass without detection:


And a church that flies the Australian flag, because it is the burial place of Admiral Philips, the first Governor General of New South Wales. So there.


Beautiful Bathampton-transformed shots! I especially love the frozen canal - faint echoes of a Dutch Golden Age winter scene (except that the ice does not look nearly thick enough for skaters).

Thank you!

I can confirm that two small boys were testing the thickness of the ice even as I arrived, and came to the same conclusion (luckily).