steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

"Not even Wensleydale?"

I don't normally do New Year Resolutions, but the recent combination of a high cholesterol score and steady cheese-fuelled weight gain since I returned from Japan have combined in a decision to lead a cheese-(and-snack)-free January, with the possible exception of my birthday. It's not just "naked" cheese that I'm ruling out, but also cheese as an ingredient. That extra restriction forbids a dispiritingly long roll-call of deliciousness.

I know this is no biggy. I'm not going vegan, or even veggie. My alimentary tract maintains its wonted hospitality to eggs and meat. I'm not even refraining from alcohol, although as it happens I've not had much occasion to drink it.

Maybe by the end of the month I'll have lost half a stone or so, but the cholesterol is the main thing.

Also - the cycle begins again! - I'm hoping to return to Japan at the end of the semester that's about to begin, a place where I always feel rather too big, so I suppose you could call this partly an exercise in getting a shrine-ready bod. But actually, let's not.
Tags: real life
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