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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
I spent New Year in Borth, as I did three years ago, with my brother and his partner. I'm usually tucked up in bed by midnight, but managed to flop over the line into 2019 last night, and was rewarded with a crowd of huggy people spilling from pub to street (Borth has three of the former but only one of the latter), hearing a kilted piper, watching fireworks and bonfires on the beach, and so on. It's a lively place to see the new year in, considering it has only 2,000 inhabitants. Lately, this includes an amazing cinema, the interior of which I highly recommend should you find yourself in Hinterland country.

I caught no sight of the sun for the three days I was there, but it didn't really matter. Between drinking and eating, there were always the dependable charms of the great sea and the great bog.


Most interesting, I met a Lithuanian jeweller (partner of my brother's partner's nephew) who told me that Lithuania was pagan as late at the 1380s. I had no idea! (Did you?) This needs looking into.

Happy New Year! I'm sorry the sun was hiding. It's going to be sunny today, but that means we woke up to a frost.

I had no idea about Lithuania being pagan until relatively recently. I wonder if they mean it was nominally Christian but the ordinary people kept to the old ways?

Happy New Year!

It's a slightly messy story, with some political conversions and apostasies, but no - Lithuania was officially a pagan country (nay, empire) until the late Middle Ages! (According to Wiki, the modern Delphic oracle.)

I've not been to the cinema there but I remember seeing it in progress - glad it's as good as it sounded! Happy new year, and glad it was fun. :)

And to you!