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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Terrace House
So many comings and goings on Terrace House lately. (Why is it called that, by the way, when it's not set in a terraced house? As a genuine terrace-house dweller I deserve to know.) Barely had Shunsuke arrived to settle in his own mind the matter of his sexuality than he discovered he was bi, and moved out again, correctly divining the irremediably heterosexual structure of the show. Nor was he alone: of the six people who were there at the start of the latest batch of 8 episodes, only Yui remains. It's hard to get used to her as the senior member of the house when she only arrived a minute ago, or so it seems. With the departure of Taka, our last link to the early days of the season is lost. Who now will sing of Tsubasa and Shion, their shining romance?

I suppose this is how God feels, looking at our brief human spans. So many tearful goodbyes! Oblivion a seeping tide at our heels! Even for God, everyone must merge together after a while. Not that God has a memory to befuddle. Being present at every moment, it's a faculty he never developed.

I was surprised to see two of the housemates at one point visiting a local Karuizawa theme park called "Taliesin". How did a Welsh bard end up in the middle of Japan, I wondered? It turns out that the theme park was built by a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright, who in turn named his Wisconin estate after the Welsh Taliesin. So, it was a two-step process, a bit like the one that wound up with Bob Zimmerman naming himself after the twin of Lleu Llaw Gyffes.

One thing that really intrigued me about the Celts exhibition at the British Museum a couple of years ago was that there exists Japanese anime with Cuchullain as a character amongst other superheroes. I don't think they had any Welsh heroes though.

Ah yes - Fate/stay Night! At any rate, Cuchullain is in that along with his spear Gae Bolg and an interesting selection of other heroes, including Gilgamesh. Wales isn't omitted, though, because one of the main female characters (Saber) turns out to be King Arthur. Indeed, in the final episode - at least of one of the versions (there are actually two anime) they visit his/her grave in Glastonbury..

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If one knows anything about Taliesin, is that he can be everywhere, every time, and every thing!

Too right!