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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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For the Love of Three Yuzu
Perhaps you remember my yuzu poem and its chequered non-publication history? If so, you'll understand how excited I was to see that the Wasabi Company, based near my home town, is now selling fresh yuzu, albeit at great expense. I gulped and ordered a box, and here it is:


Aren't they pretty? I just shared half of one with my daughter and her boyfriend, neither of whom had eaten yuzu before, and they were naturally impressed. The other half I intend to make into a ponzu sauce, and the other two will be gifts for my Japanese teachers (because I am a teacher's pet, as well as a teacher).


I inadvertently put a huge amount of mustard on a Scotch egg before a meeting with top Q.C's. Ouch.

You eat Yuzu! That made me giggle. I eat yuzu as well, but all my coworkers seem to wrinkle their nose every time I mention it.

"We're girls, Zia, we don't eatthe yuzu, we bathe in it."
Yeah yeah yea. I'm going to eat it lol.

I'm tempted to bathe in yuzu on the winter Solstice (it sounds more fun than turning up at Stonehenge in the rain) but the price would be eye-watering.