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Easter gen

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!

Sitting solitary on my island, fishing for bitter minnows, musing on the king my father's wreck, etc., I decided to liven things up with an Easter hunt and found this. Can't believe I never bothered to look it up before.

[OE. éastre wk. fem. = OHG. ôstara; more freq. in plural éastron, corresponding to OHG. ôstoron (MHG., mod.G. ostern pl.); the strong forms occas. appearing seem to have been derived from the combining form éastor-. Bæda Temp. Rat. xv. derives the word from Eostre (Northumb. spelling of Éastre), the name of a goddess whose festival was celebrated at the vernal equinox; her name (:OTeut. *austrôn- cogn. w. Skr. usr dawn; see EAST) shows that she was originally the dawn-goddess.]

So that would make her a first cousin of Eos?
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