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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Melting Pots and Infusions
Two new Gloucester Rd establishments visited in the last couple of days. One is called "Art and Chocolate", and consists of a single room, in one half of which a young bloke with a Spanish(?) accent sells artisan chocolate (I bought some ruby chocolate there, and highly recommend it). In the other half his half-Guatemalan half-Japanese friend makes and sells art with a Bristol theme (I bought a coaster showing the Suspension Bridge). The only connection between the two businesses is the friendship of the men involved, and their location.

A hundred yards north is "Per and Kor", a restaurant run by a couple - he's from Iran and she's Korean. They have a Persian menu and a Korean menu, and you can choose from either, or mix them up. When I went with Htay, for example, I had a kimchi starter followed by lamb, aubergine and split yellow peas. Both were delicious, and their dissimilarity was no drawback.

Time was when fusion restaurants were all the range, and such a restaurant would have looked for ingenious ways to serve up lamb and kimchi on the same dish - but perhaps we're entering a post-fusion age?

I think I prefer post-fusion to weird combinations. :)