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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Parasols Redux
By coincidence - or perhaps because writing yesterday's post sensitised me to the possibility? - as I was walking home along the Gloucester Rd this morning I met another white woman carrying a parasol. Or possibly a light-coloured umbrella. At twenty yards' distance our eyes locked in mutual affirmation, and we stopped to congratulate each other (and, by extension, ourselves) on our sagacity. I suppose this is how Morris Minor drivers feel when they flash each other on the road.

It occurs to me that umbrellas must have been used to keep the sun off before anyone thought of using them against the rain, given the etymology of their name. When did that extension of their use occur, I wonder?

I saw a Morris Minor once in Northern Cyprus! I was with a friend whose family had had one when he was a child.

It's one of those models that seems to inspire anthropomorphic affection in its owners to an unusual degree.

Your post about parasols inspired me to order one. Well, it's also an umbrella but it claims to protect against UV. It's also light coloured and much prettier than my utilitarian black umbrella.

Of course by the time it arrives, we'll probably be back to normal Welsh weather, but... it's an umbrella too! :)

Anyway, if these hot summers are the new normal, I'll have it in good time for next year.

I'm thrilled to hear it! (And yes, the clouds are rolling in as I write this.)

It rained on and off all night here, so of course no chance of seeing the lunar eclipse. Typical! We have weeks of clear night skies and the ONE night something interesting happens, it's back to cloud. :(