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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Coming and Gowering
The first time I drove to the Gower, I was listening to a parliamentary debate on the radio, in which it seemed very likely that they were going to bomb Syria (which was obviously what that country needed more of). After an off-grid couple of days, I emerged to find that that had not happened after all, and was happy.

It's amazing how little world events impinge when you're out TV, radio, mobile and internet contact. The sheep bleat mockingly at all human endeavour good or ill, though without much indication of understanding - rather as if someone had scattered the 1922 Committee randomly over the hillside and given them woolly tails to match their minds. There appears to have been plenty going on, though: on football fields, at Chequers, in flooded Thai caves, and equally flooded Japanese hillsides. Still no bloody rain here, though.

Meanwhile, I asked this question on FB, but so far have had no suggestions there. Is there any country apart from the USA where one is ineligible to be head of government/state if not born a citizen of said country? I'm having difficulty coming up with an example. It seems strange that a country (mostly) of immigrants should be the only one to have distrust of immigrants enshrined in its constitution.

I read an article on it on BBC a while ago and I remembered that Bhutan and Philippines had that requirement apparently and that Mexican constitution requires its president to be "Mexican by birth".

Thank you. The USA, Bhutan, Philippines and Mexico sound like the basis of a great Trivial Pursuit question!

I think Mexico has the strictest requirements, not only does the candidate have to be a natural-born citizen, he or she must also have at least one parent who is also a natural-born citizen of Mexico.

Can’t keep the country controlled by rich white men if we allow “immigrants” to run for office!