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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Occasionally Emergent
I was out of commission for most of the last week with a fever. It's gone now, thanks to antibiotics, but I'm still very much in new-born Bambi mode, and can't take on much without the need to go and have a lie down or stare disinterestedly at a wall. In that sense, the World Cup arrived with impeccable timing.

I'm old enough to have been brought up to think of my normal body temperature as 98.4F. I gather that this is now 98.6F, for reasons unknown, but the UK has in any case long since moved to Celsius, where it's 37C. I don't have much sense of what a high temperature looks like in Celsius, though, so when I saw mine was 39C I didn't know whether to be alarmed or not. More recently I translated it into real money and saw that it was over 102F. No wonder I felt ill.

Anyway, in other news, I've occasionally been tempted by those DNA kits, as you might expect given my extensive family history tag, but have been naturally wary of handing over my DNA to a commercial company. Has any of you ever done it? Was it worth it? What do you see as the pros and cons? All advice gratefully received.

Perhaps because of my weakened state I'm currently tempted again. The Butlers themselves are relatively easy to track back quite a long way, but of course they make up only a small percentage of my genetic portfolio. As far as I know my ancestry is entirely from this island as far back as the late seventeenth century, when Jean René Giberne and Marie Le Mennet came over from France, but of course I don't know much. So, I'm curious (and have one or two pet theories I'd like to test).

I think it really depends on who you go with. AncestryDNA just gives you like, your very deep roots from thousands of years ago, and allows with you to connect with people who are likely your family members, if they’ve also done it. You can fill out a family tree, and if you pay for the monthly service, you can get access to documents and pictures. For example, I was able to access several really cool border crossing documents for my Mexican great-grandparents (they often went back and forth between Texas and Mexico), their certificates of naturalization, random pictures from family members who were in the military, and some of my grandpa’s yearbook photos. I don’t subscribe to the service anymore, because once I exhausted as much info as I could from the database, it wasn’t worth it to keep paying.

I think 23&me is more thorough on the personal front, looking at your specific genes and health markers. I’m not sure how deep it goes into the family tree, because my family members who have done it, did it for personal reasons and not to seek out family history information. It seems like sometimes they have deals where they do more in-depth analysis, and send you a bunch of paperwork - for example, my dad asked for all of his “raw data” and then would google the results to see if he could figure out what the information meant.

Thanks for that background. Happily, I've gone with AncestryDNA, which sounds from what you say to be the better match for what I'm interested. I was a member for a while, and I suppose I still have a profile because they occasionally send me offers like this one. I'd have been happy to spend more time footling there, but it was too expensive to warrant the amount of time I had to spare on it.

My daughter did it with Ancestry DNA, and she showed me these screenshots, although there’s a lot more, apparently. She was happy with the service which was a present from her boyfriend.
My best friend also did it with them, also happy, indeed I am very tempted.
Best luck, and maybe you can share ?

Thanks for sharing those - I've gone with Ancestry.com too. I'll certainly share when the results come in, although it seems that may not be for a couple of months.