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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Back, I'm Well? (10-11 June)
The last day in Tokyo began with more contents tourism papers - here is our merry band of scholars after the last one:


A typhoon was heading straight to Tokyo, so some people cried off the izakaya-and-karaoke evening in Kabukicho that we had planned, but four of us struggled on heroically - a New Zealander, a Filipino, me and another Brit (but which was which, dear reader?):


We agreed that Tokyo in the rain at night had a bit of a Blade Runner vibe, but I can't help feeling that there's another film reference in this picture with even more direct relevance (and I don't mean Star Wars).

If you didn't see, let me spell it out in large letters. Here is Gojira/Godzilla up close. I didn't get to see him do his hourly roar, but the Tokyo typhoon nightline was quite good enough.


Yesterday was a very long day - thanks to travelling West through the time zones - and I feel that jet lag is soon going to kick in in a big way. Also, I've gone right off Frankfurt airport. I don't blame them for my flight being delayed two and a half hours - that was the weather - but why did I have to go through security there twice - having already done it once in Tokyo? Add to that, eventually the screens showed my flight as "boarding" but did not think to divulge the gate number (which of course was different from what it said on the boarding pass). If it weren't for a passing passenger who recognised the panic in my eyes and told me, having had a text alert himself, I would be in Frankfurt still.

Once on the plane, I immediately had a nosebleed down my white shirt. This is something that had never happened to me before about two weeks ago, and since then they've been coming once every day or two. What can it mean?

As it happens, I have a health check due later today, so perhaps I'll find out then. At the time, though, it had the side benefit that the passenger in the next seat - who turned out to be a minister catering to German-speaking Protestants in south-west England - offered me a lift home from the airport, in the spirit of the Good Samaritan. Which I gratefully accepted.

Get some rest!

This is no doubt wise, and I shall do my best to oblige.

Also: I absolutely do not get the monster thing.

I don't really understand the appeal, either - but then, ditto for superhero movies. However, it makes for a dramatic skyline!

I get the superhero thing. Hypercompetence is seductive. So I guess is mind boggling destructive power. I expect the two are related (monsters and superheroes) but one is pretty to look at (or, mostly) and the other isn't.

Nosebleed maybe just dry air and changing pressure, but if it continues I have discovered that a tiny bit of Manuka honey inside the nostril at bedtime speeds up recovery.
I hope you are getting over the jet lag, I loved the travelogue 😊

Thanks for tip!