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Stoned Children

If you like Children of the Stones (1977), you'll probably enjoy Stones by Malcolm Bradbury and Christopher Bigsby (writing as "Malcolm Christopher"), which was broadcast the previous year, and is a kind of compendium of mid-'70s tropes around prehistoric stones, tourism as preserver-destroyer, and of course possessed children. I found it because I remembered reading a story in which there was a proposal to move Stonehenge to Hyde Park, and Dr Google led me thither in my search; but whether a) the story was a version of this TV play, or b) vice versa or c) I misremembered the medium in which I'd encountered it or d) two different writers had the same not-entirely-remarkable idea for a story, I don't know.

There was so much of this kind of thing in the 1970s, I suppose it's no wonder I turned out as I did.
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