steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Wedgie Watch UK

Okay - my children watch a lot of Cartoon Network and The Simpsons, they may well have seen have seen The Mask, and even gazed (if unsmilingly) at a couple of Dilbert calendars. In all these contexts wedgies are very common - virtually ubiquitous indeed. But never has either child come across such a thing being done in their own schools. Have they just been particularly unobservant? Or can it be that wedgies have failed to follow Trick or Treat and Heelys across the Atlantic? Or perhaps wedgies exist only in cartoons, like burglars with bags marked 'Swag'?

Has anybody anywhere had personal experience of wedgies, either as victim, perpetrator, helpless bystander, or washer of soiled underclothing?
Tags: maunderings
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