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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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A Launch in the Fens
I'm still marking, hence my recent silence - and indeed, I should be doing so even now. If only I could train the two hemispheres of my brain to work on different tasks at the same time! Productivity - doubled.

Anyway, this is just a fly-by post to confirm that I'm still here in spirit, but I'll mention that I did take a quick break from marking to go to a book launch in Cambridge last week, for this book (to which I contributed a chapter on counterfactual histories). Here I am with the editors, Clémentine and Maria (plus mutual friend Eve), looking perhaps a little gormless but friendly enough:

cambridge book launch jan 18 a

I had lunch with Clémentine the next day, and mentioned that my Air B'n'B was cheap and central but pretty basic - which was reflected in the price. In particular it was rather cold, but I'd read that in the online reviews beforehand and packed an extra vest, so that was okay. "That's the most British thing I've ever heard," she said, or words to that effect. On reflection, though, I'm not sure whether she meant:

a) I am cheap enough to book somewhere I know to be uncomfortably cold
b) I wear vests in cold weather (and socks with sandals in the heat, no doubt)
c) I am always prepared - dib dib!
d) I am admirably stoic

Possibly all four. It was a nice lunch, anyway - Clémentine and I always seem to click - but all too soon I had to trundle my overnight case through the fenland rain back to the station, and thence to a trainload of marking.

Going down for the third time...

Transmigration of souls.

I just finished Fire and Fury. Happy Birthday.

Re: Transmigration of souls.

Thank you (it's not for a couple of days, but I'll take all the good wishes, I can get).

Congrats on the book launch!

I am totally missing what's so British about being thrifty and packing for the cold. Unless it's the word vest.

Thank you! It was fun.

If Clémentine had been American rather than French that might have thrown her, I suppose!

Probably all four, but I expect 'not expecting somewhere to be comfortable' figures in somewhere. ;)

Congrats on the book!

Ah, I suppose that might be it! It was very cheap, though, so why would I expect comfort? I did get a complimentary mini-pack of Oreo Thins, which kept my blood-sugar up, so that was fine...

Optimist = someone prone to perpetual disappointment
Pessimist = someone whose life is full of pleasant surprises

I am a non-Brit living among the Brits and I cannot decide which one of those four is most British.