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Cotswold Watch: Glastonbury supplement

I realise that Glastonbury doesn't really count as the Cotswolds, but I'm taking a very broad view of the matter for my Cotswold project. I've already noted Glastonbury's anime appearance in Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (contender for my least-snappy title award):

Fate stay night glastonbury

But now here comes Little Witch Academia. I'd seen the 2013 short film of LWA, a kind of Harry-Potter-inspired magic school story, with the interesting addition of Alfred Watkins' ley lines (leys, for the purists). A map shown briefly in that film had suggested a Glastonbury setting to me:

luna nova

But no location had been mentioned, so I was pleased to see yesterday, when I finally got around to watching the 2017 TV anime spin-off, that it is indeed set in Glastonbury. Not that we can quite read the name of the station where Acco disembarks (and not that Glastonbury actually has a station, for that matter):

Glastonbury Station

Nor does the town look that much like Glastonbury - more a generic Cotswoldy small town, where you can buy delicious potatoes:

Delicious potato

However, the Abbey ruins are pretty familiar, jungle creepers notwithstanding:

in glastobury abbey

And the same is true a fortiori of the Tor:

leyline terminal - chapel

The path up it brings back happy memories from last summer, with Haruka and Eriko:

chapel with witches 1

It turns out that the chapel is actually a portal from which one can ride the ley line straight to Luna Nova Academy:

leyline sign
the magic highway

So, now you know!
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