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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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梅雨 Diary - Preamble
I was hoping for a few days, after the end of semester marking madness, in which to relax and pack, ready for Japan, but stuff keeps coming at me from unexpected directions: an external marking package here, a PhD student's latest chapter there, a journal article to proofread somewhere else, and so on. I'm afraid to open my email now, because I really don't have any more wiggle room. I definitely shouldn't be writing this post, for example, short as it will be.

But I thought I'd share a picture of the building I'll be staying at in Tokyo - the Foreign Faculty Building of Tokyo Woman's Christian University. At least, I think this is the one:

foreign teachers building

The ground floor is a Women's Study Centre, but the top floor is mine for three weeks, which is to say I'll be the only person living there. Until a few days ago I wasn't sure whether I'd just have a room and shared kitchen, etc., student-style, but it seems I get a self-contained apartment, which is very nice.

I'll give a tour when I get there. As on my previous Japanese trips, I intend to blog this one fairly assiduously: since it's not quite a such a tourist affair this time there may be a little less prettiness to show, but I'm sure that staying in a work environment will have its own points of interest...

My visit coincides exactly with the rainy season (tsuyu, 梅雨), which isn't ideal but at least offers poetic possibilities for an LJ tag.

I look forward to your posts from Japan, I really enjoyed them the last time you went there. And less tourist prettiness and more work environment is good news too. Have a good flight.

Thank you! I shall do my best to make it interesting!

Have a fab time! How long are you away again?

Thanks! I'm off on Wednesday for three weeks in Tokyo, followed by a week trying to escape the humid weather in a couple of other places (of which more anon).

I love the architecture! Are the big shallow bowls on top of the pillars - well, are they bowls? in which case - planted? or water-filled? They seem to have 'petals' - are they stylised flowers? And the building itself - I'm guessing it's post-war, but the look of it feels much earlier, like very modern 1920s.

Enjoy the rain! (Said in all sincerity - I love rain!)

I'm curious about those bowls/flowers/dishes/satellites too! I'll let you know when I've seen them close up.

You're right - the building dates from around 1925, which makes it pretty ancient in Japanese terms. But yes, in a very modern way.

I'm becoming reconciled to rain myself, after the current heatwave! I have bought a stout umbrella specially.