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Kings, Bishops and Lords

I went to Bishop Road Primary School for the fireworks last night. In light of last week's "Enemies of the People" headlines about the judges (don't they teach them Ibsen in schools these days?), I'm inclined to hum:

When reason is treason
And fingers are freezin’
A dose of nostalgia
Is awfully pleasin’.

Bishop Road Primary, as I've probably mentioned here before, is probably the only school in the world to have had both a future Nobel Physicist and a future Hollywood Oscar winner in attendance at the same time. (One was the son of an immigrant, the other became an immigrant himself.) That was over a century ago, but they still do a mean infant samba (you have to click on the picture to see it):


And so to the main event. It's not Lewes, but given their burning crosses, etc., that's no bad thing:


May we all escape being hanged, drawn and quartered for another year, is my heartfelt blessing.
Tags: bristol, real life
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