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Diana Wynne Jones reads from Enchanted Glass
In my Marie-Kondo-fuelled rage for tidying I came across some material from the Diana Wynne Jones 2009 conference that fjm, chilperic, lady_schrapnell and I organised at UWE, Bristol. This included a copy of the message Diana recorded for the conference, since (because of illness) she was unable to attend personally - something I know she regretted. In it she reads the beginning of the (then still unpublished) novel, Enchanted Glass.

I thought that this might be of interest to some people here, especially those of us who miss her.

Thank you for that!

My pleasure!

Thank you!

My pleasure - I'm pleased to have found it.

Many thanks!


I was very pleased to stumble across it!

Oh. Wonderful. That book, because of the timing of it and when I got to read it, always felt like special--it had grownup characters, and I was a grownup, and it felt like see? it's okay, I'll leave you this before I go, so I love it especially.

It's special to me, too, because I was one of the dedicatees.


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