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Yore and More - a PSA

I'm not really a foodie, but last night I went with my friend Marie to a proper posh restaurant, the Historical Dining Rooms in south Bristol. You can find the menu here, which describes what was on offer much better than I could. The main idea, as you can see, is that they make recipes from various numbers of centuries ago - although I should add that the presentation of same is entirely 21st century. I'd add photographs, but ones I took with my crappy phone turned out badly in the low light, so you'll have to make do with me sipping a delicious aperitif in the form of Mrs Beeton's lemonade, heavily dosed (the drink, that is) with oloroso and topped with egg white and flower petals.


I got the impression that this restaurant (discreetly located above a pub) hasn't yet got the attention it deserves, in part because it's new and in part because it's south of the river. So, if unlike me you're a proper foodie and live in Bristol, do give it a try, and do tell them I sent you. (They won't know what you're talking about, but it will make me feel important.) You won't regret it.
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