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Wizardly Daemonology

Okay, I just watched the short anime, Little Witch Academy, a post-Potter take on the magic school genre, featuring a "Sorceror's Stone", a snobby trio of pupils and a ragamuffin trio to put up against them, including our heroine, Akko. So far, so generic.

Except... when we listen in on their lessons, the teacher begins by mentioning that their school is built on a confluence of ley lines, as advocated by Alfred Watkins (and, indeed, The Old Straight Track is mentioned on the blackboard). Rowling's magical authorities are mostly invented (Nicholas Flamel excepted), but Watkins is of course very real. Once again I'm impressed and curious at the titbits of Western magical lore that have found their way to Japan. Ley lines don't form a major part of the plot, so it's an interesting insertion.

But then the teacher reads a quotation from a book called "Wizardly Eudaemonics" by one T. S. Daniels, to the effect that those that cannot control magic will be destroyed by magic. Watkins being a real person, it seems reasonable to wonder whether Daniels is too, but I've never heard of him or her, nor does Google supply a ready answer.

Any ideas what may be being referred to here?
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