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Ducks Tongues and Natto

I'm getting stronger slowly, but I'm definitely in that perilous zone where I may be tempted to do too much, then crash. Almost every day I still need to sleep during the day - not my usual fifteen-minute power nap, but something deeper and longer, and hopefully more healing.

In the week or two before my operation, many of the things I owned broke in sympathy - including my car, in a very terminal way. So, for the last seven weeks I've been carelessly carless. Since I was unable to drive anyway it was as good a time as any for that to happen, and strangely liberatory. I even got a small road tax refund from the DVLA. The other day, though, coming to the end of my driving moratorium, I thought I should do something about getting a replacement, and (having intended merely to make tentative enquiries) ending up buying a second-hand Ford, which now sits outside my house. Though normally cautious and risk-averse, I occasionally buy very expensive things more or less on impulse. That's how I got the house itself, in fact. (Albeit it's a cheap house - for a house.) The new car has number plate that I particularly like, since it (almost) spells "LOL JOY". This makes up somewhat for its being grey.

The other day I went with my friend Htay and some of her circle to the Chinese restaurant over the large Chinese supermarket near here, to celebrate her birthday. Our populous party ate dim sum, which gave me a chance to try many new things, all of which I liked - except for ducks' tongues, which surprised me by consisting mostly of gristle. I swore then and there never to French-kiss a duck, even if it is a prince in disguise.

That Chinese supermarket has many interesting goods, though to my regret I've never been able to find nagaimo there, with the result that my okonomiyaki never have quite the right texture, but on this occasion I noticed that they had some natto in the freezer section. I've eaten natto only once, last year at the ryokan in Hakone, and I'm sure I did it inexpertly enough, so I'm keen to give it another go.

Natto is the Japanese equivalent of Marmite; not that they taste anything alike, but both have the reputation of being "love it or hate it" foods. So for lunch today I'm going to do a "natto and rice" versus "egg and Marmite soldiers" face-off.

Which will win?
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