steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Crossed Teas and Dotted Eyes

If I mark in a café I'm always rather grateful when the people at the next table speak in a language I don't understand, as it's less distracting. (The marking is why I've not been posting here recently, by the way - but I'm almost done now.)

Anyway, I was happy when a couple of middle-aged Polish women sat nearby this morning. Except that they then started throwing random phrases of English into their conversation. "Chaos theory", said one, in the midst of an otherwise impenetrable sentence. My ears pricked up. "Climate change", rejoined the other a few minutes later with a knowing chuckle. Of course, I couldn't help listening out after that - perhaps more than I would have had I been able to understand every word.

I'm used to this sort of thing when I'm in the presence of Welsh, but I've never had it before from a Slavic language. I hope the quality of my marking didn't suffer too much.
Tags: language
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