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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Since one or two people were curious, this is what a pack of Nos looks like. I was commissioned to buy some today to celebrate my daughter's boyfriend's birthday. Here I am taking a break from marking and tea in the cafe afterwards. As you can see, the text and imagery on the package is very whipped-cream heavy, but they still put it in a discreet plastic bag.


I was wrong to say that you get 20 in a packet. As you can see, it's actually two dozen. Or, a score and four more.

Where I live in Massachusetts I have never heard of NO as a recreational drug. You seem oddly okay with it. As a parent of teen-agers myself (and understanding the necessity of choosing our battles) I'm going to friend you if that's okay, even though the idea of buying brain-cell-killing things for my kids makes me feel squicky.

Friend away!

I'm not especially keen on her taking Nos, but it's a non-addictive and non-toxic substance, and in itself is far less likely to kill brain cells than alcohol. The only circumstances under which it is dangerous is a) if you take so much that you starve your brain of oxygen, or b) if you inhale in straight from the charger, in which case it can cause freeze burns at the back of the throat. Both those circumstances are pretty extreme. My daughter, like most people, uses a balloon as a middle-man.

The truth is, I feel more guilty about buying cigarettes for my 91-year-old mother. But really, since they're both of sound mind I don't feel particularly bad in either case. (My mother has smoked for the last 72 years and I don't suppose she'll stop now.)

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That seems to be a popular recreational drug around here, judging by the discards I see on the road. Either that or people are walking along doing shots of whipped cream!

Now that would be unhealthy!

I forgot what you'd posted before when reading this, and thought it was a cream-filled chocolate on first glance. Would eat.

Once Nos is illegal, that may be an area of diversification they want to explore.

Thank you! I'm very intrigued, and will ask around, delicately, to see if this happens much in my several home towns.