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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Ebor Gum
It's hard to write something new about visiting so familiar and photogenic a city as York - a place where but to breathe is to find oneself in a timeslip novel. So I will just record here that I spent the weekend having a lovely time eating, drinking, talking and sightseeing with one of its newest citizens, the delightful Clementine Beauvais - who is not only a good friend and a rising academic star but a prolific author in both French and English (and still only in her mid-twenties, dammit). Otherwise, I'll let the pictures do the talking. I've put some similar pictures here before, I'm sure, so I won't go overboard.

Micklegate Bar

My old house, '85-'87

My old local


Climbing to the Minster roof. (I really like the "questing" expression of this picture.)

A Maid Cafe, Yorkshire Style

Breakfast Done Right

Great photos. I like York a lot too.

I had a great few years there, in the mid-eighties.

That captures a lot of the York that I remember - only one visit, but a pleasurable one.

I loved the city, and was sad to leave - in 1989, and then again on Sunday.

Your old local is where York Literary Festival held its poetry competition reading and yours truly got a highly commended. Lovely pub, wonky stairs, where even the sober go unsteady on their feet.

I remember those stairs well! I occasionally went to the Folk Club upstairs. No doubt it echoes still to my rendition of "The Bonny Black Hare".

I love these photos, however do you ever feel jealous of people who achieve masses of stuff ridiculously young? (and are beautiful at the same time...)

Clementine puts in the hours and is also a very nice person, so I don't find her achievements problematic at all, though perhaps I might if I'd never managed to publish any books of my own. (The beauty is a little jealous-making, but whatcha gonna do? She carries it well.)

Thank you for that great photopost :-)

My pleasure!