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Purdown Days
Back when I worked in Fishponds (yes, it's a place) I used to enjoy walking there across Purdown in good weather. This being the UK the weather was seldom as good as it was today, but I missed that occasional treat when my faculty moved to Frenchay in 2014. Recently, though, my piano teacher has bought a house in Fishponds (yes, it's a place, stop going on about it), so today I took the chance to retrace my former route as I walked to my lesson. I think this is a nice view anyway, but it's improved by the knowledge that one's in the middle of a city...


Looking the other way, a single figure bissects the horizon, and is bissected by it.


While I watched this a pair of wrens had a noisy marital tiff on a nearby log. I enjoyed watching them, without in any way wishing myself a wren.

Know it quite well as it just a few miles out form Bristol. My sister-in-law comes from Bristol.

Very nice views indeed.

Durden Downs much nicer.

Both have their charms, but if I'd walked through Durden Downs I'd have missed my piano lesson.


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