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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Oiling the Year's Hinges
I took a brief and almost-spontaneous trip to Borth for New Year, largely so that my daughter could have few friends over unencumbered by someone tainted with parenthood, but also because my brother and his partner do such things very well. On the day before, a CD of A Child's Revels in Wales arrived in the post from Massachussetts, so I stuck it in for the drive, which was rainy at times, sunny at others...


Note to self: the end of the rainbow lies in a small field south of Builth Wells. Next time, take spade.

Once I got to Borth, however, the weather closed in and so we hunkered down for the evening, aside from a midnight totter to the Friendship pub to sing Auld Lang Syne, kiss strangers and drink whisky. The house is, as I've no doubt mentioned before, right by the beach. Here's the view from inside the kitchen:


Accordingly we had the sea's sigh as the bellows to our convivial fire, and all was well. And now I'm back in Bristol - but let me share with you my favourite pictures from our morning constitutional, down the back path that leads to the Animalarium - the saddest zoo in Wales as some call it, although if you Google the phrase it is not, surprisingly, first on the list. En route we came across the car belonging to the Borth pharmacy, which was certainly the brightest thing in town on that grey morning:


Drugs have never looked more like sweeties. If I were a child, I would certainly want to flag the car down and buy a bag. After that, it was on to the Animalarium, which I think can be summed up best by this photo (which they are welcome to use for publicity purposes - after all, we were only looking through the fence, so paid no money):


Oh, okay - you can also have some post-Apocalyptic goats and ponies:


Happy New Year! May you (as well as the goats and ponies) get whatever you wish for, an it harm none.

And a Happy New Year to you!

Ooh, a New Year's rainbow! All happiness!


Thank you, and you too!

Happy New Year to you as well.

BTW! Love that car, so colourful!

I think it would be more at home in Brighton, somehow!

You should come down some time this year. It is a great place to visit.

I go reasonably frequently - I'll let you know next time!


Happy New Year.

As you know we hope to be living in Shropshire by some time next year- and that's not so far from you!

Well, I'd seen you looking at properties there, but I hadn't realised it was more than window (door, walls, roof, etc.) shopping!

He's just retired as of yesterday, so we fancy a move- somewhere we can spread the library out a bit! :o)

Delightful photos--and best wishes to you for a good 2016!

Beautiful, I approve especially of the goats and ponies and the winter beach. It reminds me of the Vineyard.

I've only seen the Vineyard in summer, so it's hard for me to relate the two places!

Happy New Year and best wishes as well!

Happy New Year!

Wonderful photos. Hard to believe that there may be sadder zoos in Wales than the Animalarium - poor post-Apocalyptic goats and ponies...

After this, Borth's hold on the title of saddest zoo is surely secure.

Happy New Year! I don't really know Borth because we tend to drive past the turning and head on to Aber.

It's not really on the way to anywhere, except of course the Drowned Cantref...