steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

A Can of Earworms

In a post today gair was mentioning a recent earworm of hers, which got me wondering - because, after all, it's a matter of international moment - what worms the rest of my flist find their ears afflicted by? I think we should divide them into two categories. Recent (i.e. your latest earworm) and chronic (any earworm you may have had - perhaps with lulls and recrudescences - over a matter of years).

My own most recent earworm is Yiruma's "River Flows in You", which has the classic earworm property of looping, so that there's no reason why it should ever stop.

My ancient earworms are all classical for some reason: Beethoven quartets, Haydn's London symphony, and some tunes from the Jeremy Barlow and the Broadside Band. (The latter I tend to feed by playing them on the recorder in idle moments, so I've only myself to blame.)

Over to you...

ETA: I should never have started wondering. Mining too far into the twisted Moria of my cerebral cortex has awakened a very Balrog of an earworm. Few dare speak its name. It is: "Video Killed the Radio Star". There. I've said it.

By the way, the proper name for a looping earworm is Auroboros.
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