steepholm (steepholm) wrote,

Tasting Notes 10

Just one snack today. I'd been intrigued by this packet from the beginning, because I couldn't work out what kind of thing was in it. It felt like a folded cloth - but my best guess was that there was a sachet of powder inside, perhaps for mixing into water.


If I'd bothered to translate the label before opening it (but that would have been boring) I would have known that it contained 不思議食感わた菓子 (mouth wonder candy floss), and if I'd paid heed to "わたパチ" (crackling cotton) in big characters on the front, I might have been prepared for the subsequent fireworks. But probably I wouldn't have believed it anyway. Only ever having eaten candy floss prepared on the spot in fairgrounds, I didn't know it could be folded like a bright pink fan and foil-wrapped for freshness with an eat-by date of September next year, let alone combined with popping candy. Even the sight of a cannibalistic blackcurrant did nothing to prepare me, though no doubt it should have.

I would love to show you the candy floss itself, but I'm afraid I ate the evidence. Delicious, delicious evidence...
Tags: nippon notes, tasting notes
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