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Tasting Notes 6

In case you're still fretting about the rabbit and its submerged companion from the prawn cracker packet in my previous post, my friend Chiho has explained that it's actually a reference to a traditional story, one version of which you can enjoy here:

Short version: the crafty rabbit (who is a goodie, despite the demonic red eyes) gets the better of a bullying badger.

And so, on to today's toothsome titbits...


Once liberated from its handsome packaging, this grape-flavoured "fruit juice chew" resembles like a long, cylindrical Chewit. Why it's called "ガブリ" ("Gabriele" is Google's suggestion), though, I'm not sure.


These tasted great, despite the confusing name. To my mind the word "pretzel" implies a shape at least as much as a taste or texture, but these ones have been ruthlessly straightened so as to resemble Pocky sticks - nor of course are they made from bread. They are however salty like pretzels, and, needless to say, the wasabi taste - noticeably stronger than with the rice crackers from the last entry - makes them a big hit with your correspondent, and no doubt with other discerning wasabi addicts.
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