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Tasting Notes 5

My okashi-tasting pilgrimage took a slight hiatus while I visited my mother overnight, but I'm now firmly back in saddle and ready to journey from the Plain of Amai into the Uplands of Karai.


I think this was my favourite snack so far. That large packet contains six smaller ones in which peanuts are mixed with wasabi-flavour rice crackers - not particularly strong, but enough to give it a bit of a kick. I gave some to my fellow Japanese students last night, which was our last class of the year, but rather regretted it when I realised how much I liked them. But there - I was given a mince pie in return.

I wish I could translate the Japanese (other than "wasabi" itself - わさび) but instead, there's a nice picture of a rhizome.


Perhaps "prawn crackers" would be an accurate description of this snack, but also quite a misleading one, since these are quite unlike that bloated staple of Chinese takeaways, being flat, orangey-brown and sacerdotal in mien. They also taste far more strongly of prawn, which to my mind (let me be clear) is a definite plus. If Jesus had ordered prawn cocktails rather than bread for the Last Supper, Christians today would be wolfing these things down on a regular basis, and the C of E wouldn't have a recruitment crisis.

I welcome any guidance on what is going on in the picture. The foreground rabbit is clearly having a good time, but the creature in the background (a different animal? Or the rabbit later on?) appears to be exclaiming that his boat is sinking due to absorption problems. Could it be that he has foolishly taken to the water in a crudely fashioned prawn wafer? In that case, it's hard to have much sympathy. Or has he perhaps, and still more recklessly, trusted to an inferior brand?
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