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Tasting Notes 3

I'm eating all these snacks as a public service, you understand...

The next two are actually pretty similar:


I was immediately attracted to "ポテトフライ" (Potato Fry) by the sturdy little boy in the picture, who is demanding second helpings ("Okawari!"). Inside are light, ridged potatoes with a mildly spiced taste that I can't quite pin down, and the description "カルビ焼きの味" (grilled calbi/calvi flavour) doesn't help much. What is calbi? Can anyone tell me?

It seems unlikely, but perhaps they are namechecking the makers of the other snack, Calbee, whose Sapporo Potatoes (Barbecue Flavour) are very similar, except that instead of being ridged crisps they are constructed from a fine lattice.

The legend below assures us that the ingredients, along with "男爵 いも"(danshakuimo = baron potato?), are"chicken and beef", but if so their presence was subtle indeed, at least compared to the strong flavours I'm accustomed to in British crisps. I've no idea what's with the hot-air balloons and airships, unless a) they are there to convey a (justified) impression of lightness, or b) Miyazaki was on the design team.

Both are small packets, compared with the usual crisp packet in the UK - maybe 5"x4". That's why I was obliged to eat both at a sitting.
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