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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Tasting Notes 2
With the help of my daughter and her boyfriend, I'm ready to write up the second round of entries on my okashi box!


Of course I spent a lot of time wondering whether "Countryma'am" was just a mishearing of "Countryman", or whether it was an attempt to evoke... I don't know what. British Royalty? American politeness? A rustic brothel? Anyway, the cookies are, as it says on the packet, "ひとくちサイズ" = "person mouth size" = "bite size" (though actually, "person mouth size" seems a better description of something that, by definition, doesn't need to be bitten), and are basically soft chocolate-chip cookies, with a hint of vanilla. Very moreish.


Welcome to Bamboo Shoot Village (たけのこの里/takenokonosato), where they are busily employed all day every day in constructing edible simulacra of that familiar object, the humble bamboo shoot. (You know what one of them looks like, don't you?)

On the reverse of the box, an educated chimp instructs us on the key Points of Deliciousness, whether these be the cacao on the outside, the mellow milky chocolate beneath, or the crunchy cookie at its heart:


I can vouch for the accuracy of the lecture.

What do the bamboo shoots taste of? They look like bamboo-shaped violet crumbles.

Pretty much like chocolate-covered biscuit. There wasn't any 'bamboo flavouring', or if there was I guess bamboo tastes of chocolate!

I love bamboo shoots, but chocolate and they do not share a taste profile.