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Taenia Memoriae meets Google Translate

I've been trying to 'lay down' (as the young people say) some more Madoka Magica tracks recently, and today I had a go at 'Taenia Memoriae', which as I understand it (not having the Latin for the judging) means "Ribbon of Memories". And indeed that's very appropriate, since it is the background music for the scene toward the end of the final episode in which Homura, who retains her memory of Madoka through possession of her hair ribbons, talks to Madoka's mother, who first gave her those same ribbons at the start of Episode One.

I thought I'd run the translation through Google Translate to be sure, though, and was amused to find that it came back as 'Tape Recorded'. Well, you can see how it got there - but these days we're strictly digital:

Sadly, I get a text from Richard Branson at 1:02, but if Bowie could get away with the phone ringing at the end of 'Life on Mars', I suppose I can get away with that.
Tags: language, links, madoka, real life
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