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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Wassup, Wasabi?
Last time I bought some Hampshire wasabi I kept it too long, and it turned to mush in the fridge before I got around to eating it. This time I gave it no chance to repeat any such knavishness. Here it is, fresh from the box, with grater and cute bamboo brush:

English wasabi, portrait with marmite

And here is a nice dinner of tuna sashimi, tuna and salmon nigiri, tuna hosomaki and edamame beans (which you can now buy frozen from Tesco - who knew?). Accompanied, of course, by freshly grated wasabi.


It was yum.

But the wasabi you can get from a tube is pretty good too, to be fair.

Did you make all that sushi?

I did.

It looks amazing! Of course, having things like that around may make it difficult to get me out of your house next time you let me in it!

Well, it will be more fun to cook for two!

I will help! Fingers crossed the Bath thing works out :)

Ooh is your subject line alluding to that funny cartoon, I've seen it on T-shirts in stores in Japantown?


No, I'd not seen that before! I guess it's just a case of genius striking in the same place twice. :)