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Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

Where can we live but days?

steepholm steepholm
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Hanko Chief!
My italki friend Chiho-san from Kyushu very kindly sent me this pair of hanko or inkan (I'm not sure whether there's a difference in meaning between these words). These seals are much used by Japanese people when they need to sign their names, and mine, as you can see, come with a pouch and integral ink pad.

One of the seals simply has my name, Cathy, in katakana - i.e. Kyashi = キャシー. The other has a pair of kanji representing the sounds "ka" and "shi". Of course, there are numerous possible pairs of kanji that have those particular sounds associated with them, so I had a choice. The shortlist came down to: 佳志 (roughly, "great faith") and 果詩 ("fruit poetry"). Naturally I chose the latter.


If for some reason you wish to know much, much more about name seals, you find out here. Meanwhile, I'm very pleased with mine!

(Deleted comment)
"Great faith" doesn't sound too bad; til one sees "fruit poetry" coming at one, so I quite understand!

I know, right?

Who wouldn't want to be 'fruit poetry'? It's wonderful!

I'm enjoying my new incarnation.

Ooh, those are lovely! I used to have one somewhere, but it wasn't based on my actual name, since I got it in a kitschy import shop in Seattle somewhere. (Although 翼 - tsubasa, "wing" - is what I have tattooed on my actual body, so would make sense, I think it's usually a guy's name. Then again, I don't mind if nobody else does.)

Well, it's a very nice kanji!

It is! Also I think 'fruit poetry' is an excellent name.

The "fruit" character looked terribly familiar, and I finally realized it resembles the one kanji character I have ever learned, 東.

That's pretty similar, true, but your one (as you probably know) means 'East'.

I learned it from my 7th-grade English teacher, Gary Higashi. (I had an unsettling time yesterday after I Googled his name and found there was a sex offender of the same name and approximate age and location. It took me a bit to work out that that was definitely not he.)

Well, that makes sense (I mean his name, not the sex-offender bit!).

'Fruit poetry' is very fine. Congratulations.

I assume you know about Cordwainer Smith?

No, I don't. At least, the name is vaguely familiar, but nothing more than that. Do elucidate!

SF author (highly recommended), real name Paul Linebarger: un Chinese, Lin Bah Loh, or 'Forest of Incandescent Bliss'.